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Wipe New Car Surface Restorer


Wipe New™ will increase the value of your vehicle and save you hundreds of dollars in car care products over its life time. You will be amazed that such a small amount is enough to treat two vehicles.

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Wipe New is a revolutionary car surface restorer that works on your vehicles dashboard, headlights, bumpers and trim. If your cars been weathered by the elements and now has faded plastic you can easily restore and protect your car quickly and easily. Just apply Wipe New and your vehicle can finally regain that original showroom shine it once had.


Use Wipe New on your cars bumper, headlights, trim, dashboard, interior plastic, rims, door panels and more with only one application. It can also be applied to leather and vinyl. The secret behind this product is the nano-polymer solution which penetrates deep any surface it’s applied to to give it that shine that lasts longer than any other product on the market. Other products normally rely on silicone which doesn’t last as long and eventually fade away requiring continual application.


• Revolutionary product used by professionals
• Easy to use and apply
• Last for years
wipe newRestores and protects with one wipe
• Also use on RV, boats and motorcycles
• Use on both interior/exterior surfaces
• Save time and money!
When you order Wipe New you’ll receive two applicator cloths, headlight prep pad, headlight applicator cloth and gloves for only $19.99 plush shipping and handling. Plus when you pay an additional $7.99 shipping and handling you’ll also receive a BONUS Pro Detail Kit!

Your FREE Pro Detail Kit includes:

• 2 yellow Wipe New™ applicator cloths
• 1 red headlight applicator
• 1 blue headlight polishing block
• 1 detail brush
• 1 pair of nitrile gloves

Offer Details: With your order, you’ll get 1 Double Size Bottle of Wipe New™ for $19.99 and $7.99 S&P, PLUS 1 Detail Kit, which includes: 2 yellow Wipe New™ applicator cloths, 1 red headlight applicator, 1 blue headlight polishing block, 1 detail brush and 1 pair of nitrile gloves – all you pay is an additional $7.99 for S&P for a total of $35.97

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    I’ve tried other car care products in the past yet none compare to Wipe New. I have two cars which I really like to keep looking their best. I was a little hesitant because it was an infomercial product but went ahead and ordered it anyways. I was also concerned about how the size of the bottle because I wasn’t sure how long it was going to last but eventually was surprised at how long it lasted me since you don’t require too much of it. Unlike other silicone based products I found that Wipe New isn’t greasy. I used it on my faded trim, bumpers and sun faded plastic and it brought it back to new again. I’ve read some wipe new reviews that were negative but they were mostly focused on the size of the bottle. I think what people need to understand is that you just need it a bit and it will last you months. So far from the places I’ve applied wipe new to they are holding up and not looking as faded. This stuff is really amazing and I’m glad I decided to buy it.

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    I remember seeing Wipe New on an infomercial when I was in the US at my cousins house a long time ago and glad that it’s now available in Canada. I have Jeep that is like my baby and I try to keep it in immaculate condition. I’m usually skeptical about as seen on TV products and even more skeptical about some of the reviews I’ve read on this product which seemed more like a marketing ploy than an honest review. I’ve used wipe new both on the interior and exterior of my vehicle and it’s made it shine like new. I was afraid the product wouldn’t last very long but a little of this stuff goes a long way. I especially liked how well it worked on my headlights which seemed to fog up especially after winter driving. I’m glad I didn’t listen to any of the negative reviews which also don’t represent this product at all. Wipe New is the best car cleaning product I’ve ever used and it’s even cheaper than most car cleaning products at Canadian Tire which are usually only meant to work on a specific part of your car whereas Wipe New works on multiple surfaces.

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    Even as a TV skeptic I decided to purchase Wipe New for my wife’s Honda Civic and my Ford F150 and was surprised at how well this stuff works. I thought with the size of the bottle it wasn’t going to last very long but I was so wrong. I’ve been able to clean the grime off our headlights which now are brighter and make driving at night that much better and not to mention safer. This is a great way to bring your vehicle back to life. For the price of Wipe New it’s really a steal. If you have a problem with oxidized headlights then Wipe New is the product you want. As long as you use it as directed you should last longer.

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    I was very impressed with this Wipe New. It was easy to use (as in not complicated, but it did require some elbow grease) and very effective in my case. The sun here in Florida causes severe sun damage to not just your skin, but your vehicle headlights. The before picture on the box was a prime example of my issue, but with the restorer kit, it really removed the foggy coat! My bights are even brighter at night!

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