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Trendy Top Wrap

Trendy Top has become a popular product that has been widely featured on infomercials across the US and Canada and covered by major news ssources. This As Seen on TV Wrap for women has proven to be the perfect solution for men who love to wear low-rise jeans but don't want to expose their bottom or mid-section.

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Trendy Top has become a popular product that has been widely featured on infomercials across the US and Canada and covered by major news sources. Trendy Top is a wrap for women has proven to be the perfect solution for men who love to wear low-rise jeans but don’t want to expose their bottom or mid-section.

It is the ultimate layering accessory that is made from an ultra-soft cotton blend which hugs the waist line with no bulges, bumps, lumps or added bulkiness. Trendy Top is a fashion accessory that is perfect for jeans or skirts and bridges the gab between jeans and shirts. Not only does it help conceal the midsection but provides a fashionable look that is very comfortable to wear. It’s made from a special blend consisting of 92% cotton and 8% spandex.

Getting the trendy layered look has never been easier! Trendy Top comes in a range of neutral colors that can go with almost anything in your wardrobe. Instead of wearing a t-shirt or tank top that can give you a more bulkier look the Trendy Top extends your top top length so that when you bend over, reach up high or sit down it keeps you covered at all times even if you have that muffin top. Small fits sizes 0-8, Large fits sizes 10-14 and Extra-Large fits sizes 16-20. The reinforced cotton blend hugs your midsection comfortably.

Trendy Top is now currently offered with a special web-only offer for only $10 plus shipping and handling. Order includes 1 ivory and 1 soft pink Trendy Top and with an additional charge of $7.95 you’ll get a additional 1 brown and 1 navy Trendy Top Wrap FREE.  30-day money back guarantee and no questions asked if you’re not content with the order. Also included is a FREE BONUS of 16 Style Snaps which is an As Seen on TV product that allows adjusting the length of pants without hemming. Machine wash Trendy Top with similar colors and tumble dry. Do not use bleach unless needed. Cool iron if necessary.

  • Put a Stop to that Muffin Top!
  • No More Peekaboo panties!
  • Look Chic and Lean!
  • Super Comfy
  • Bend, reach or sit with confidence
  • Wear as a cami too
  • 1 black and 1 white
  • Small/Medium fits sizes 0-8
  • Product color and appearance may vary

7 reviews for "Trendy Top Wrap"

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    I purchased Trendy Top over a year ago and love it! They come in handy not only to spice up your wardrobe but also to hide that muffin top and great for when sitting down in public places and not exposing my rear end. I initially purchased the wrong size and found it too loose but when I tried it 1 size smaller it fit perfectly and never moves or rides up. It covers my hips and stomach area perfectly especially if i’m wearing low cut tops or low-rise jeans. For $10 you can’t go wrong. Hope you find my Trendy Top review useful.

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    I think it’s pretty common on occasion when I bent over to pick something up in the past I may have exposed a little too much possibly showing my skin and panties which is very embarassing. Thanks to the Trendy Top you can avoid showing a full moon like your stereotypical male plumber thanks to the trendy top as it covers around your belly and back. I love my TrendyTop because I can move, reach and bend with shear confidence thanks to this new womens garment. it is well worth the money and not to mention it’s also very fashionable as it comes in different colors so you can mix and match it with whatever you’re wearing. Trendy Top comes in white, black and even a sexy lacey black for a low low price. My order even included style snaps which come in handy to do a quick hem to pants that you may have purchased and didn’t have time to take them to a tailor as you can do it yourself. Trendy Top is a wraparound garment that I think all women can appreciate and it fits nicely snug around my waist. You can even do a handstand and not expose any skin while you’re wearing the Trendy Top. It didn’t take long at all for it to be delivered t

  3. :

    I really like trendy tops. They even give some support to your back which really feels good, besides looking really nice under your tops. I like the concept of this product. These works really great at creating that layered look without the extra weight of clothes.
    My only complaint is that I got it for the winter as my back is always cold, and the fabric is like a t-shirt. I should’ve realized based on the picture, so it’s not the company’s fault.

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    I seen the commercial and it was just what I was looking for. I just had my second baby and I’m always bending over and am a little self conscious of lifting up with my tummy in the shape its currently in, as well I don’t quite fit my skinny clothing or my fat cloths. I am from Canada and ordered the buy two (black and white) get two free (grey and beige) plus the four extra colours (pink, navy, brown, and yellow) for 10 bucks which came to a total of $42 all in for 8 tops. The order said to wait 2-6 weeks to receive my trendy tops so I was extremely surprised to see it in my mail box the following week. Before I ordered I read some where you should order the size under what you think you should order, I ordered the s/m and am currently a size 8. The trendy tops fit and feel great plus I feel like I’m getting a bit of a bonus tummy tuck from the left over pregnancy belly. I love my trendy tops and recommend them to anyone who is thinking about ordering them.

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    When I had my first baby I put on lot of extra weight. I ordered a pair of Trendy Top’s online and it worked great in hiding the buldge around my waist. Then after I lost all the baby weight I still kept on wearing i since I got used to the way it looked. If you’re looking into hiding the fat around your waist and give you body better shape then you’ll want to buy yourself the Trendy Top. It’s very fashionable and very affordable.

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    There’s nothing more attractive than a muffin top or someone showing a full moon. When I ordered the Trendy Top i was a little skeptical of whether it would work and the quality. I was impressed with how it didn’t roll up or stretch out after multiple uses and multiple washes. The trendy top really held its quality and stays in its original form. From what I’ve learned online the fabric is a cotton blend which is spandex like and conforms to the shape of your body. I was concerned with whether the trendy top would stay in place all day and it actually did. Whether i’m going to work or out with my friends the trendy top really compliments my style. This is a very impressive product since as you move, twist, bending, reaching it doesn’t budge. It really smooths out my body while i’m wearing it and i’m glad it bought it. I’m buying the trendy top as a gift for my sister since she’s been trying out mine and loves them too.

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    I bought these because it seemed like a great idea when I saw the infomercial. I’ve shrunken some of my tops in the wash which eventually became unwearable belly tops. The trendy tops was a great way for me to still wear them without revealing too much skin while still looking fashionable. I took advantage of the online offer which seems to be the best deal for the trendy top. I ordered another set a size smaller because the ones I originally bought were too large. If you have a little bit of a tummy the trendy tops are great in masking your situation unless you have a large belly then theres only so much the trendy top can do for you. My favorite thing about the trendy top is that i don’t have to worry about over exposing myself whenever i bend over as these tops give you full coverage.

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