Comment on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover by Allanah.

I read other Tag Away reviews before I made my purchase and was almost turned off by some of the negative Tag Away reviews but still went ahead and ordered it because I figured if it worked for some it might work for me and save me from potentially spending a lot of money on more invasive products or procedures. Tag Away is also approved by the HPUS and seems to contain the same main ingredient as other skin tag remedies that have been featured on television such as ElmiTag and Tag Arrest. This product worked well for me in the end and took about 6 weeks to get rid of some skin tags that have annoyed me for some time on my neck. I’ve read about some other cheap methods such as applying nail polish or iodine but both of those would easily irritate my sensitive skin. Tag Away didn’t irritate my skin at all but did have a strange smell to it. Tag Away is not a scam and works very well. I think as long as you clean the skin first since it may not have worked for some people because they mixed it with other products. Hope my Tag Away review will give a vote of confidence on this product that does exactly as it says in the infomercial as long as you apply it correctly.