Comment on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer by Marshall.

Me and my husband had to paint quite a few rooms in our home and when we came across the Paint Zoom we thought we’d give it a try. Ordering from As Seen on TV Canada was easy and delivery time was very fast. We both became fans of this paint sprayer after painting one room. It literally helped us get what was going to be a big task in just a fraction of the time and done very professionally. You do have to test the viscosity so the paint is not too thick. You have to thin out the pain which is the only drawback because you have to apply a few coats. I suggest properly taping before you start your painting but this is advice regardless of what you’re using to pain. Using Paint Zoom makes painting a lot cleaner since you don’t have to deal with paint brushes, roller or paint trays. If you’re someone facing a big paint job then Paint Zoom is the perfect tool for painting.