Comment on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer by Barb.

When I first got my sprayer I had a few Paint Zoom problems. At first I couldn’t get the Paint Zoom to spray very well and the paint was not going on the walls evenly. So when I first got my Paint Zoom paint gun I had a few Paint Zoom complaints.

I think the biggest problem of all was the blotchy paint job that it gave. At first when I started using it, the Paint Zoom would not give me a steady flow of paint coming out to spray what I wanted to paint. This made me pretty frustrated and I thought I had been scammed into a cheap product. I tried putting the Paint Zoom on different setting to try to let more paint come out but it wasn’t helping at all.

In my frustration I went and told my husband that I wanted to return the Paint Zoom because it didn’t work at all. I told him it’s better to just stick with what works like using rollers and brushes. He sighed at me and said he would take a look at it. I followed him to the room I was decorating and he picked up the Paint Zoom to inspect it. He turned it on and tried using it. He agreed that it wasn’t spraying very well. Then he asked me if I had tried thinning out the paint.

When he said that, I mentally slapped myself on the forehead. I didn’t want to admit that I didn’t think to thin out the paint so I told him that the sprayer wasn’t spraying as hard as when he did it. He smiled at me and said “Sure honey.”

I took the Paint Zoom paint container and poured the paint back into the bucket. The Paint Zoom came with a little cone shaped measuring cup with a hole in the bottom. I had no idea what it was for so I didn’t use it. That is to check the thickness of the paint.

I added some water to the paint and got it to a thickness that I liked and thought would work. I read the manual that came with the Paint Zoom and I then understood what the problem was. The paint was simply too thick to be sprayed. It was like was like trying to suck Jello through a straw rather than water through a straw.

I put the thinned paint into the container and began working again. Sure enough that fixed problem just like that. When I figured out I was trying to rush too fast to get my project done, I was actually taking longer because I didn’t read the manual. I would recommend reading the manual because all the problems with Paint Zoom can be easily avoided by following the instructions.

After I understood how to use the Paint Zoom spray gun I had no problems at all using it on all of my projects. It works great!