Comment on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer by Irfan.

The only thing I can say I didn’t like about this product is, that the paint must be thinned to use, it does work, came with all that was advertised, no real complaint here. I am a professional faux finisher. I paint a lot of furniture and cabinets usually by hand because I hate getting out my big sprayer that you have to prime and a pain to clean. Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer has saved me so many hours. I tested the sprayer with the way I would normally thin latex paint and in this case I was using a leading primer and paint. It worked perfect. Sprayed a smooth finish and didn’t drip.

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InstaBulb Stick Up Light Bulb
I am going to give this InstaBulb Stick up light bulb an excellent rating because it does what I had intended it to do…..which is to provide a LITTLE light, not a huge amount, down the stairway to the basement. I try to save energy as much as possible so these lights serve its purpose. However, I ordered two more and one of them never went off despite the amount of light and it is supposed to go out after 30 seconds. So, have sent it back which was a good experience as they sent me a pre-paid shipping label…thank you. I will, of course, purchase another one to take its place.

Airman Radio Controlled Super Hero
This was bought as a Christmas present for my nephew and it is a good product. I was a little wary of buying it online because of the packaging reviews that are mixed in with the product reviews. I purchased it anyway. I recommend this Airman Radio Controlled Super Hero. It’s a decent product that flies well. The foam is light weight, but well-constructed for the job. Repairs can be made with clear packing tape and polyurethane “gorilla glue”. Try to keep the weight and balance identical from side to side, and the flight characteristics should still be good.

HideAway Pets
Excellent product! I purchased two sets of HideAway Pets. They are 8 to 10 inches long. They are a soft plush material. They are so so so cute! They are soft, and made great!!! A must have for collectors and for small hands. My son went crazy over them and takes them everywhere.

XHOSE Expandable Hose
I’m pretty impressed so far. After 3-weeks of use (Washing two cars and daily watering of potted plants and shrubs) I have had nothing but success. This XHOSE Expandable hose is super-light and has provided consistent flow, zero kinks, and zero leaks in my short period of ownership and operation. Having the valve on the end is also a big plus as you can control the flow without the need of an attachment.
I’ll follow-up in a few weeks as the weather warms up.

Easy View XT
We have found the sunscreen to make a huge difference when dealing with the morning and evening sunsets. Before I was almost driving blind from the glare and now I can see much better to drive. Easy View XT fit both our cars with no problem. We highly recommend to anyone who has to deal with the glare of the sun. I would recommend it, but do not look through it while driving. You can use it to deflect the sun.