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MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer by Finishing Touch

MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer

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microtouch max hair trimmer

MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer


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(8 customer reviews)

MicroTouch Max all-in-one hair trimmer which has been featured As Seen on TV in Canada and the US that allows you to instantly and painlessly removes any unwanted hair.

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Product Description

microtouch-max-hair-removalWith Micro Touch Max you can Trim Hair Instantly and Perfectly!

Micro Touch Magic is a 3rd Generation Personal Hair Groomer for Men. It has 50% more power than previous models and now includes a built in light. The Micro Touch Max Magic is a battery-powered men’s personal grooming device with built-in light. This device trims hair anywhere with micro precision, it removes unwanted hair instantly and painlessly. MicroTouch Max is the ideal solution for removing unwanted ear and nose hair, and makes trimming mustaches and beards easy. It is a compact trimmer and gets as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch. MicroTouch is powerful enough for the tough stuff, yet gentle enough to use on the most sensitive areas. When you order Micro Touch MAX Magic you will also receive comb attachment & cleaning brush. Welcome to Microtouch Max Reviews No personal hair trimmer can compared to the MicroTouch Max personal hair trimmer. It gives you that clean shaven look you’ve always wanted trimming the hard to get to areas without having to depend on tradition methods of trimming using scissors, tweezers or electrical devices which aren’t very effective. With micro precision the Micro Touch Max works to trim unwanted hair instantly and painlessly. Whether you’re trying to trim your nose hair, eyebrow hair, moustache, beard it can all be easily done with the is amazing trimmer which has been featured As Seen on TV. With a regular razor you sometimes risk getting nicks and cuts which commonly happen to all teenage boys to adult men. Now you can avoid dealing with having nicks, bumps, cuts and bleeding with the precision of the mens personal hair trimmer that will give you the closet shaves you will ever have without missing spots or dealing with common problems faced when using the traditional scissors or razors. What makes the MicroTouch Max give you a safer shave is the three snap-in trim guards which allow you to get to those hard to reach places easily and safely while giving you the pefect shave. No more more missed spots, stubborn hairs and best of all no more nicks. Whatever style of facial hair you’re trying to achieve such as a moustache, goatee, eye brows, side burns, beard or other style of facial hair it can all be easily attained with the MicroTouch Max Personal Hair Trimmer.Micro Touch Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for on the go
  • Gets as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch
  • Powerful enough for the tough stuff
  • Super bright light lets you see what you’re doing
  • As Seen On TV
  • Removes unwanted hair
  • Safe to the touch
  • Sleek & compact
  • AAA Battery included
  • Easy to use

No matter how thick the beard, how coarse the hair, how fast it grows this amazing hair trimmer will get you a perfect shave in seconds! Micro Touch Max is ideal for removing unwanted ear and nose hair, and makes trimming mustaches and beards easy. The special snap on guide lets you groom bushy eyebrows without removing to much hair. The same goes for shoulders, arms, chest and back – remove a little or remove a lot. Micro Touch Max is powerful enough for the tough stuff, yet gentle enough to use on the most sensitive areas. It’s the safe, precise solution for all of a mens grooming needs.

After you’ve had a haircut you look and feel great. Unfortunately between haircuts you usually don’t feel perfectly groomed. Finishing Touch has introduced the MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer which has been featured As Seen on TV in Canada and the US. It allows you to instantly and painlessly removes any unwanted hair. With the Microtouch Max Hair Trimmer you can easily get rid of unwanted hair with perfect precision. No more need for using tweezers, razors or scissors and perfect for any mans grooming needs.

Features & Benefits:

  • 50% longer Blade
  • Rubber Non Slip Grip
  • Built-In Light
  • 2 Comb Attachments

The device is designed to be small, light, durable and portable. It comes in an extra-large size, special grip, a better motor, 50% more power and a built-in LED light which provides light for those hard to reach areas. It has a snap-on glide which lets you easily trim your eyebrows without taking off too much hair. It’s designed with a German stainless steel blade.

The MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer is safe to use yet still gets as close as a blade. It’s the perfect solution for getting rid of ear hair, nose hair or trimming eyebrows, beards, sideburns or mustaches. It can also be applied to body hair such as shoulders, chest or arms. It can be used on the most sensitive areas.

This device will help you stay perfectly groomed like you’ve just visited the barber shop. No matter how course your hair or how thick your beard is you’ll be able to maintain your side burns, eyebrows, goatee or other facial hair with accuracy.

Magical Micro Trimmer With The Built-In Light
  • Perfect for on the go
  • Gets as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch
  • Powerful enough for the tough stuff
  • Super bright light lets you see what you’re doing

Offer Includes

  • Micro Touch Max with the built in light
  • FREE Bonus (Just Pay Separate S&H)
  • Deluxe 10 piece grooming kit


8 reviews for MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer

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    MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer is the one hair trimmer that every guy should have. Forget using your tweezers to pluck out unwanted hair which can be very painful if you’re doing a sensitive area. I’ve read many reviews on this product before buying it and now I understand why there is so much hype behind it. I wouldn’t say it’s a replacement for an expensive hair trimmer but it has it’s specific use for facial hair detailing if you’re doing your nose hairs, eyebrow hair or nose hair. Hair seems to grow pretty quickly on my body and trips to the barber shop would be out of the question since i’d have to go once per week to maintain my facial hair and neck hair. The built in light helps me accurately shave my goatee and get it perfect every time. When it’s time to do my neck hair or ear hair i’ll usually get my wife to take care of those areas I can’t really see myself. I like how it’s small enough to bring with me on business trips and it definitely keeps me looking well groomed everyday. I’ve been using it for 5 months and it works as good as the first day I’ve purchased it and so far i’m happy with my MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer.

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    This product is worth every penny! The MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer is simply amazing and is a perfect hair trimmer to keep your facial hair looking it’s best. Instead of using a razor, scissors and tweezers I can get the job done perfectly and more accurately with one device. It comes with attachments that I use depending on the job. I don’t have to worry about any nicks or cuts since it’s perfectly save no matter how close it comes to your skin. My skin doesn’t get irritated from using it even though I feel a prickling sensation while using it. I have a barber shop fresh look everyday and my wife loves it. The only problem I had with the MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer was that when I got it the battery was dead but other than that it works great.

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    I couldn’t find it in stores so I eventually ended up ordering it online. If you’re looking for a fresh shaven look all the time then you’ll want to have the micro-touch hair trimmer trimmer as part of arsenal. I’ve purchased other hair trimmers in the past such as the phillips hair trimmer. In my opinion the microtouch max works much better and costs less. If you’re someone like myself who has a busy lifestyle and is in a job role where they need to look their best then this hair trimmer will help you look your best everyday before work. Not only is it easy to use but you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself which makes it totally safe. I have a goatee and ear and nose hair which seems to grow quicker than most men however I’m able to keep unwanted hair tamed easily tamed and the guiding light allows me to be very precise with my trimming. The best featured of this trimmer is most notably the blade and after 6 months of using it it still works the same way it did the first day I tried it.

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    Microtouch Max is the perfect tool for grooming since it’s so handy and easy to use. I absolutely hate shaving but with the Microtough shaving is a lot easier. What makes microtouch max so great is that it isn’t painful when you’re trying to work sensitive areas where you would expect it to hurt. There is no pulling sensation when using the Micro Touch shaver, howver i recommend using it if you have medium to fine hair. Using Microtou-ch Pro did not lead to any ingrowns or pimples which is great. Just be sure to have fresh batteries in yoru microtouch max shaver as it can become quite dull if the microtouch shaver is not fully charged. I give the microtouch 4 stars and i’m glad to be able to contribute my microtouch max review to this website.

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    I purchased this item to try and save money on razor blades. Great razor! It gives a smooth shave. My wife also enjoyed it since I was shaving almost every morning because of how well I thought it worked. This is well made, opens very easily and closes very well; no blade wobbles. Handle is standard length, weight/heft is good. So if you are looking for a better shave, at a much lower cost, try a safety razor. Highly recommend them.

    Tip: flip the blade over and you can get a few extra shaves, try that with a mega-blade that last about 3 shaves a week.

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    I first bought this MicroTouch Max Hair Trimmer about 10 years ago, if you don’t have one of these you need it, it’s extremely handy and does the job what else can you say. It gets those hairs in all the spots that are hard to get at. I use it for the nose hairs also. Basically you can use it on any part of your body. Running strong! Usually, they come with the hair remover and a couple of guide combs and maybe a tiny brush for cleaning the hair remover.

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  7. 5 out of 5


    It’s pretty tough to find a mens hair care product out there and I’m glad that I came across the Micro Touch Max which has made my mornings or just hair grooming in general so much easier so that I can look and feel a lot cleaner and presentable. Micro Touch Max has become part of my morning grooming routine where I can now get a fresh barber look before I leave my house. I use the micro touch max for keeping my sideburns trimmed, my goatee, eyebrows and nose hairs trimmed. This neat hair trimmer allows me to do almost anything you can think of with when it comes to mens hair grooming. What I really liked about the Micro Touch Max was the light that’s built into it that allows you to see what your doing a lot better so that you don’t miss any hairs while trimming. Micro Touch Max is very small and portable since it’s only the size of a pen. So if your looking for a hair trimmer to trim your arm hair, nose hair, ear hair, knuckle hair, back hair, neck hair, side burns, goatee and any excess hair then you’ll want to invest in the Micro Touch Max. It is completely safe for your skin and will leave you with a fresher cleaner look. If your travelling anywhere it can also fit into your shaving kit and i’ve actually used mine while i was stuck in traffic while heading to work.

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  8. 5 out of 5


    Micro Touch Max was a great as seen on tv product i got in the mail 3 weeks ago which i’ve purchaed online after seeing the infomercial a few times. This compact trimmer allows me to trim unwanted facial hair very easily and i used it now every few days with my regular grooming. I’ve had a few accidental hack jobs while trimming and found that with the micro touch max it’s very precise with trimming. I really liked the fact that it was so small as well so i can carry it around with me in my brief case or gym bag. The product was very affordable and came with a 10 piece grooming kit you can see yourself on this website. So if your looking for a portable hair trimmer, that’s effective, affordable and easy to use then you’ll want to buy the Micro Touch Max hair trimmer. I give this product 5 stars because i was extremely happy with it and will be buying it for my dad as well.

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