Comment on Magic Mesh Screen Door by Amanda.

The Magic Mesh is really a great idea and I really like it but it’s not the best quality and I think anyone buying it should keep in mind that you’re paying $30 for it. The material isn’t durable enough that it will last a very long time but in all fairness to this product you do get two of them so if the first one does’t last you have a replacement and even if it lasts one season it’s still worth the money. I used some glue to reinforce the Magic Mesh on the door frame and it stayed in place like a charm. It’s also not the most aestetically pleasing magnetic door panels to put up but does the job and so far it’s lasted 1 month with no issues so I can’t complain and knock on wood lasts the whole season. It’s clearly the best option if you want to get door panels up or instead of expensive screen doors. Pet owners will appreciate this product. Since I have two large dogs they can easily pass in and out of the house as they please when they have to go out which is another reason that makes it worth getting.