Comment on Magic Mesh Screen Door by Jenna.

I wanted to send in my own Magic Mesh review because I was very surprised at how many negative Magic Mesh reviews were posted on the internet before I actually decided to go off on my own and buy it. We bought a 2 bedroom bungalow by the water and summers can be quite humid and since we’re near the water the insects and bugs a lot of them make their way into our home whenever the door is opened. I bought the Magic Mesh at Canadian Tire but that was a mistake because I could have gotten it for cheaper on this As Seen on TV website since you get 2 for the price of 1 and the second one could’ve easily been a backup or used on another entrance. It was very inexpensive and solved the problem with barely any insects making their way into our home anymore. The odd ones might someone sneak through by crawling underneath but it was rare and we no longer had to hunt town flies with a fly swatter anymore. I also like that the door doesn’t have to open and close all the time since we can just walk through the panels and they close behind us. It really is a great product and works just it’s shown in the infomercial. It’s not exactly french doors or the most aesthetic addition to your house but it does the trick to keep the flies out and let cool air in and everything else. Instead of listening to other Magic Mesh reviews I suggest just trying it out for yourself and forming your own opinion but that’s just my advice.