Comment on Magic Mesh Screen Door by Lyndsey.

This actually turned out to be a truely remarkable product. It fit my door frame perfectly without leaviny any space for mosquitoes or other insects to make their way into our home. I did tinker with the bottom and folded it up but in total I had it up in just 10 minutes with my added effort. I think any poor magic mesh reviews are from people who had installation issues. I didn’t have any and once it was up it worked great. My dogs can move in and out freely and it’s great for serving dishes of food to the backyard during bbq’s. For the price I don’t see why anyone should complain, it’s probably the cheapest possible solution to a screen door which can cost thousands. A word of advice, make sure you don’t go for knockoffs like I did because they are cheaply made and won’t last very long. Magic Mesh is very durable and I would suggest it to anyone. Sure it will rip if you abuse it like anything else. It’s not made out of the same material they use on a space ship so just be careful with it and it will last a very long time.