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Buy 1 Bottle of Dutch Glow for $10.00 plus $7.95 S&P and get a Bonus bottle of Dutch Glow, just pay separate $7.95 S&P. As a special Bonus, you will also get a FREE Jumbo Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth.

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Product Description

dutch glow amish wood milk


If you own wood furniture and want to keep it in great condition then there is one product you’ll want to invest in. This new As Seen on TV wood restorer that was invented by Amish workers and is made from all natural ingredients. You’ll be able to not only clean your furniture with with Dutch Glow but have it shining like never before. Instead of adding layers of wood polish or silicone compounds, it breaks down any surface wax buildup and give it a natural glow.

Dutch Glow is a 100 year old natural Amish formula that effectively repels dust, removes wax buildup and restores the natural beauty of your wood furniture. It even works on painted wood surfaces. It effectively cleans, polishes, removes water rings and stained wood. Forget using silicone sprays and ruining your furniture with past wax.

Use this wood restorer on any type of wood. Use it on tables, cabinets or any wood finish. It eliminates grease, dirt, dust, smoke stains, finger prints and cleans better than any other furniture polish on the market. It also prevents dust buildup and works so well you’ll be able to make old antique furniture look new again.

dutch glow wood milk

Features and Benefits of using Dutch Glow include:

  • Reveals wood’s natural beauty
  • Removes years of wax buildup
  • Works on any wood (surface)… even painted
  • Cleans, polishes, and nourishes
  • Helps repel dust
  • One hundred year old Amish formula

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use Dutch Glow on any wooden surface?

Yes, Dutch Glow works on any wood surface, even painted.

Is there a guarantee with Dutch Glow?

Yes. Dutch Glow comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

How much does Dutch Glow cost?

Dutch Glow costs just $10 plus $7.95 shipping and processing.

Where can I order Dutch Glow from?

You can order your very own Dutch Glow directly from the official website.

Why should I buy this product?

There is no reason not to buy this product! Dutch Glow prevents dust and debris from building up on wood surfaces and reveals its natural beauty as well.


Buy 1 Bottle of Dutch Glow for $10.00 plus $7.95 S&P and get a Bonus bottle of Dutch Glow, just pay separate $7.95 S&P. As a special Bonus, you will also get a FREE Jumbo Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth.


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    Dutch Glow is a furniture and wood polish I purchased online weeks ago. I had confidence in this product since the Amish are very dependable when it comes to wood working and I like the fact that it’s chemical free. I used it on an old wooden desk my families has had for decades in the family. I was impressed with how this wood restorer was able to bring it back to life. It didn’t leave any sticky residue when I was done using it. If you have any discolored, stained or dirty wood surface you’d like to clean then Dutch Glow is a product you can trust.

  2. :

    I was very happy with the time it took for my order to get delivered. This stuff really works. I used Dutch Glow on an oak desk I recently purchased at an auction and it worked like a charm.

  3. :

    Can this be used safely on laminated floors? Please advise to the safety of this product on laminated floors.

  4. :

    I ordered the Dutch Glow on 1/26 & still have not received my order.

  5. :

    Yes, Dutch Glow can be used on Laminated Floors.

  6. :

    NO COMMENT Over 2 months since order placed in US

  7. :

    What are the ingredients in this?

  8. :

    Does this product help eliminate scratches?

  9. :

    I’m from Ontario and there isn’t an option for Canada, how can I purchase this product?

  10. :

    Fantastic product! If you’re looking to restore any furniture or polish any wood surface, this product is excellent! Will definitely buy more in the future.

  11. :

    Nice on furniture – a bit pricey, but a little goes a long way. I caution using this on floors. My wooden floors became very slick and slippery and my kids have slipped down several times since using it. I didn’t over use it, either… I cleaned the floors as usual, then sprayed a light mist and used a dust mop, section by section. It does shine them, but something in the formula created a very slippery surface; like when you overspray with furniture polish, and it gets on a wooden floor, and the floor is highly slippery. So, CAUTION about using on wooden floors. I imagine it’s just as bad on a laminate floor.

  12. :

    This stuff is total crap. Overpriced, bad product, they add things you did not order and cheat you.

  13. :

    Tried to order this product and although the website states Canada it won’t allow me to put in a Canadian address.

  14. :

    Can Original Dutch Glow Amish Milk be used on unfinished furniture. I stripped an antique veneered bombay dresser many years ago. It needs something to keep the wood from drying out. What will your product do for my bombay dresser?

  15. :

    My kitchen cabinets were covered with cooking residue, and attracting dust. Ugh! This Dutch Glow product easily removed the sludge and left a smooth finish again. Nice job! d. Removes ground in grime without damaging or staining the wood. I’d purchase it again. Love the quality as well as the eco-friendly.

  16. :

    Can this be used on a leather inlay within an old mahogany table, which has been polished many times with regular furniture polishes for wood?
    Also, can this product be shipped to a Canadian address? Thank you.

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