Where to Buy P90x

If you found your way to this page, you are probably wondering where to buy P90X from; I highly recommend buying it direct from the manufacturer at the Official Team Beachbody Store for a couple of reasons. First As an added bonus they are giving away Two FREE workouts for a limited time.  You will

Why the Flex Belt System is Not for everyone

Everyone would love amazingly toned abs, and have probably tried out a toning device before, only to find out that it does not work! Some toning devices are very costly and come with false promises and miracles that simply don’t come into fruition. Well here is some great news because the ‘Flex Belt System’ is

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Ab Circle Pro Review

Ab Circle Pro Review – Can It Help You Build Washboard Abs, Lose Your Love Handles, Trim & Tone Your Buns, Hips And Thighs? Read On To Find Out The Truth… Brief Description Of The Ab Circle Pro Ab Circle Pro is specially designed for those who desire to have washboard abs, without having to

Tony Horton Products

Tony Horton is the Master of Motivation behind P90X®, the #1 fitness infomercial in America. Over the years, Tony has acquired and perfected his fitness expertise, which hes shared with countless individuals across the country. From professional athletes, sports teams, movie stars, and recording artists to the everyday Joe and Jane, Tony has helped people


Workout Program Review: P90X3 AND FOCUS T-25 WORKOUT PROGRAMS Beachbody has recently released the P90X3 Workout Program and Focus T-25 which are very similar in the concept of creating a shorter and more intense workout. This is really not a comparison of which is better but a quick glance at what makes them both so